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The above chart is of a penny mining stock I was following, as an investment, on the Australian stock exchange. The brown marks on the chart paper were from my Burmese cat. His paw marks walking over the chart are obvious. The chart was on the floor. I would put a piece of plywood, or similar, down on the floor and then draw in the daily trading ranges by hand using a pencil/pen and a ruler, as a straight-edge to draw the trading ranges. The chart was much too big to deal with any other place than the floor.

Very time consuming, but the learning curve was great. In the 1980's the technology to draw charts was not in any abundance and most likely too expensive for the average person on the streets.

A bought at $0.20 and sold at $0.58 due to relationship issues at that time. As soon as I sold the stock ran to $6.06. I lost a furtune. One of those 'hard-luck' stories.

You will notice that when the moon entered the Sagittarius or Gemini constellations this stock reversed on almost all occasions.

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