Frederick Michael Stossel

Born: The United States of America - Pennsylvania

Education: Twelve years of private primary and secondary education.

Further education: Electronic Institutes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA - graduating with a Diploma in Industrial Electronics, endorsed with a First Class FCC, Federal Communications Commission License with further radar endorsement.

Currently: Financial astronomer / technical analyst and the writer/producer of:

Technical Analyst: specializing with astronomic, natural law and a non-linear based model implemented to predict the monetary movements of mass psychology, as a direct functional model in real time. See phenomenal forecasting.

The study of financial astronomy commenced for me in July of 1982, after leaving the electronic industry. Although the electronic industry treated me well I was also dissatisfied with my purpose in life spending my career in that industry. Financially, it was just a slightly above average wage for me while living in Australia troubleshooting for multi-national companies. Thank you for treating me well while in the industry.

This dissatisfaction led me to approach the financial money markets trading penny stocks and GOLD futures while living in Australia. I just needed to make more money out of life, somehow at that time.

October of 1986 - found the planetary link between the 360' astronomic circle and money market pricing structures reflecting planetary longitude that plays a functioning aspect on specific financial markets. This and a plethora of planetary phenomenon was found through my own efforts and research in the mid to late 1980's. See pix >>> Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 - Picture 4 - Picture 5 of early 1980's research and discoveries.

The developing of financial astronomy in the early 1990's was a major breakthrough in the advancement of 'specific' astronomic financial modeling. The advancements over the years are demonstrated throughout this web site.

* the answer to why the Giza pyramid has 8 sides. Forget the conclusion of the orthodox engineers and archaeologists about the eight sides.
* perhaps, THE answer to the 'apparently missing' Giza pyramid capstone being a metaphysical conclusion.
* the 'god energies' behind the Golden Mask of King Tutankhamen - the spiritual scientific essence that archeologists can't see.
* the 'true' eclipse cycle, with the moon having more than one set of planetary functions
* what the writer believes to be the architectural image of "The Face of God" impregnated in the 'great pyramid'.
* the three layered astrological 360' circle - for those who cannot seem to find the answers from where you are calculating.

As a result, the writer holds the unchallenged historic record - forecasting in advance the most exact and exacting hit reversal points in the course of human history on numerous financial markets. The amount of markets forecasted is insignificant, as the formula applies universally.

Commissioned: Request to overview the software design of planetary based financial trading models for day traders and private investors on a Microsoft Excel 'spreadsheet' format and other designed (in house) programming in the early 1990's. This took place while living in Gold Coast, Australia in the late 1980's - early 1990's.

The programs were named: Angulata and Quantum Harmonics Calculator in the early 90's. I never received a final copy of either program, by the way, after I sincerely opened up to these people of what I have discovered at that time. I was the only one planetary literate, as they were not.

The Corporate Levels client base over the years: Professional traders - technical analysts (phone calls up to 1:00 AM. in the morning) former stock brokers - entrepreneurs - lawyers - company directors - licensed security dealers. One-on-one students upon request.


My first paid job was, as a paperboy in the late 1960's. $2.25 per week and 48 customers seven days per week. I walked and biked about 2000 miles inside four years. It helped pay my way through high school.

While waiting for the newspapers to arrive at the news agency I browsed through the books on the shelf. Since winter could be brutal in Pennsylvania I opened the Farmers Almanac. Inside the almanac was weather forecasting and that fascinated me. A few pages further was the horoscope section. Other than the obituary the horoscope is the longest running column in newspapers since 1928.

Do not forget that astronomy is our first original science. Almost all of you ignore that or are ignorant of that.

I was immediately fascinated with the horoscope, as it portrayed a function of my personality and others to whom I was close to that no religion could explain. Therefore, my fascination with the planetary started with the Farmers Almanac when I was 16 years old in high school.

Initial career in Industrial Electronics

1972-1980 - with three major multi-national companies in The United States and Australia.

Commonwealth Communications - Richmond Virginia, USA
General Electric - Richmond Virginia, USA
Philip Morris - Richmond Virginia, USA
General Electric - Sydney, Australia
Park-Davis - Sydney, Australia. (
General Diagnostics division)

The servicing and installation of two-way radios in government vehicles, taxi cabs etc.

Employed by GE preparing Numerical Control electronic consoles through an assembly.

As a technician troubleshooting cigarette making machinery with Philip Morris.

Internationally >>>

As a troubleshooter and 'service engineer' responsible for the installation and service of Numerical Control Systems for machine tool lathes and drilling machinery; together with commissioning the installation and servicing of 'negative logic' electronic drive instrumentation used to 'fire' Gas Turbine driven cargo ships. The servicing and sales of Halogen Leak Detection instrumentation used in 'freon' based refrigeration equipment. USA and Australia.

As a 'service engineer' and 'technical sales' support for the installation and service of Blood Clotting Detection Systems together with Fluid Handling Systems used in pathology laboratories. The installation and service of Radioactive Detection and measurement instrumentation used in nuclear medicine laboratories. Australia and Malaysia.

* * * * * * *

The philosophy that I developed over the years is personal, but it stems from this >>>

The Times Make the Man - Not the Other 'way-round'

the keystone of selflessness to serve humankind so
the soul can evolve through its own spiritual entrapment


This article below was featured in the 'Brisbane and Gold Coast BUSINESS' magazine - Australia in February/March of 1991


Early years achievements in competitive sports >>>

At the age of 11 in the Little League, as a pitcher, I struck out 17 out of 18 batters. I am unable to recover the score card to display, unfortunately.

In high school I did hold a school record for having the most base hits in one game - 3 hits.



achievements - gif

Legion baseball - 1968

high school below - 1969 graduate



Frederick Michael Stossel
Technical Analyst*Financial Astronomer

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