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The writer/producer provides, for its subscribers/members, education to a specific type and style of sophisticated technical information referred to as 'Financial Astronomy' that has been scientifically proven over many years of publicly submitted results to be the main propelling dynamic force governing both the subjective and objective psychological response that pertains directly to the graphic analytical interpretation and behavioral patterns of specific money market movement.

Star Seed International / is not an investment body or advisory institution and does not or will not accept, transact, nor consider accepting or transacting investment moneys on behalf of a subscriber/member directly or indirectly to this technical service(s). The transacting of your investment moneys will be, as it should be, transacted through a reputable stock broker, futures broker or investment house of your choice through their administrative policies and advice as given by them, being the stock/futures broker or investment house.

Therefore, the purpose of Star Seed International | and its writer/producer is to demonstrate and interpret an application through this service how mathematical factors of astronomy directly effects specific money market movement beyond any doubt whatsoever and that these effects are to be made available to the subscriber/member, as is it would be in the best interest of the subscriber/member, who form the general public, to know of any and all technical factors that would be beneficial and/or vital in assisting their own investment and/or speculative trading decision making.

Respecting the above said, the subscriber/member may at no time refer to these services as giving specific advice on the specific financial markets demonstrated.

Since there are many different factors to consider, which are common factors beyond any technical control when investing or speculating moneys through the financial money markets Star Seed International | and its writer/producer Frederick Michael Stossel cannot guarantee and will not guarantee the outcome, the potential outcome or eventual outcome of your specific chosen investment, your potential investments, speculative interests or speculative decision making due to the inherent hazards and the unpredictable nature that exists within the money market business in making a personal decision and/or transaction above and beyond the technical interpretation of this specific technical service(s).

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Without exaggeration, emphasize cannot be expressed any more strongly that you as a paid subscriber/member to this technical and literary service(s) will receive in all decency and good faith the very best educational, analytical and literary capabilities in providing without doubt, the most honest, truest and realistic delineation of specific money market movement through the best technical information available that will help to be as accurate and comprehensive as technically possible in the technical, analytical and literary interpretation of your subscribed chosen money market interests through 'Financial Astronomy'.

Since it is not humanly possible, for now, to project or forecast pricing and timing structures consistently in the future without error there cannot and will not be any acceptance of responsibility or liability for any losses, damages, costs or expenses incurred by you through an indirect or direct result of pricing, timing projections and technical interpretation used by you as a paid subscriber, when making a financial decision based partly or fully on any of the technical services provided at any time through this subscribed educational publication.



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