Carl Jung and Rudolph Steiner also endorsed this movement through their teachings

80% of our waking hours eats of the Eco-logic and transacts in the Eco-nomic
the same geometry drives both eco-systems

this means that the human race is no different from a snowflake, or tomato!


'Cracking the Code' is about money moving humans up and down every day through


your behavioral patterns are being tracked, monitored, evaluated and controlled - from off the earth's plane

Please keep in mind - discoveries go back to 1987

See this YOUTUBE link for discovery details

* * * * * * * * * *

The astounding discoveries packed into this First Ebook | Second Edition is found nowhere else on the planet. Images and graphics hit you straight between the eyes promising you that your financial life and its perception of it will never be the same, again.

Remarks - from others who have purchased the Ebook - first and second edition.

* The price of the First Ebook | Second Edition is $127.00 - these graphics do not come cheap, as they are time consuming to create.
* Those who have purchased the first edition for $72.00 can upgrade for $55.00.
* This Ebook series is now interconnected with the web site to allow back and forth navigation. You need to purchase the Ebook to be able to interact.

* The DOWNLOAD link is at the bottom of the page.

this Ebook includes 87 HTML - browser format pages with 131 individual graphics - 3.1 Meg. in size

The Ebook only opens on a PC computer. It will not open on a MAC computer unless you can convert an '.exe file' so that your MAC can 'execute' the file.

This highly graphic series will continue to educate you into the new science of specific money movement. Financial astronomy is the science that can track the collective unconscious very well and quite accurately. By tracking collective thought, financial astronomy is saying that the collective unconscious is a pre-formatted mind control system that has its geometric components, identical to the sacred geometry of nature, that make-up our natural ecological life source.

Financial astronomy is saying that human beings are no different from a snowflake, tomato, sunflower, and galaxy spiral, as being a direct function of nature. So, if humans are just another food source on this planet - what aspect of us humans >>>

are being consumed
And - by WHOM!

There are no higher learning models in our high schools, colleges, universities teaching technical analysis of the financial markets through financial astronomy. Some deliberate block places friction between the physical and metaphysical.

money movement is STRICTLY ESOTERIC in its driving force

The Ebook series will be educating you in the subjects of 'astronomic' principles emphasizing the genius of our scientific ancestors going back to 4,000 BC. These principles have been hidden, lost, and/or destroyed by someone or something when the 'gods-on-earth' introduced universal knowledge to us humans. Then something went very wrong - somehow, or a deliberate separation from the knowledge took place from its original creator(s) and those receiving the knowledge. This below can give one explanation>>>

The library of Alexandria was destroyed by a few powers of authority. Julius Caesar was one and Pope Theophilus was another, being the 23rd Pope of Alexandria. This stunning library held scrolls of information about the human race and our origin including the highest of order star maps.

The Piscean Age in the 'sacrifice-of-not-knowing' may have a lot to do with knowledge that has been locked away, leaving the human in a state of spiritual entrapment.

Since financial astronomy is the scientific ability to measure collective thought processes and its behavioral patterns, you must begin to realize, as a human being, you are also constructed, governed, and controlled walking and talking on the face of this earth.

Over 4,200 religious faith groups on this planet believe they are governed by a supreme intelligence. In addition, how about being governed by a calculated computation that can be monitored because human beings need to evolve in a certain way through deliberate creation. Humans want to know a lot more than earth bound social engineering can provide.

we, as humans, need to be controlled

deliberately, perhaps!!!

Human beings have no control over their heartbeat, liver, lungs; tear ducts, saliva glands, and neurological components - not to mention the trillions of cells doing their job to keep the physical body alive. So, please do not say that you have control over the thoughts that move through your mind >>>

especially the unconscious mind

The gluttonous 80's and 90's, in current history, has exposed a lot of the western world to money market chart patterns of stocks and other financial markets. This exposure accelerated through the internet. This exposure should have demonstrated quite clearly that >>>

humans have chart patterns, too

what does your 'personal' money chart really look like?

we would love to see your trading chart pattern

are you a buy - are you a sell - are you constantly going sideways getting nowhere

do not blame the financial markets for your losses, or gains - blame a 'much higher' intelligence - deliberate creation

do not blame your boss, your wife, or your car - blame a 'much higher' intelligence - deliberate intervention

Making money on your own is more complex than just one size fits all. There are other governing forces involved. You will find this governing and controlling force demonstrated in the Ebook series. These money market pricing structures governed by a higher intelligence because it is in >>>

the best interest of the 'child'
so it appears

the difference between a 52-year-old child and a 12-year-old child is only 40 years

This Ebook series will eventually be on the computer shelf of many homes and offices globally, as a necessary part of finally understanding the invisible structures of mass consciousness viewed through money market chart patterns.

Natural progression is also prompting the public to look at the technical aspects of money moves through chart patterns more than ever. The public will then pay more attention to the technical / charting aspects of their financial interests and using the broad spectrum type of orthodox fundamentalism 'spray-on' solution, as a shadow secondary back-up.

As there is an enormous amount of hard data, truths, calculations, revelations and proof to display, the >>>

'entire Ebook series' will be divided into sections

>>> considering the enormity of information does not give room or time to present in a single package - being so graphic intense.

further Ebooks in the series will include formulas - therefore the writer here
will not release the formulas until the time is right to do so
and there is a large volume of interest



Both the objective and subjective overlay get equal billing in the Ebook series. It is just not just number crunching to satisfy moneymaking desires. Keeping in mind that sacred knowledge and its intelligence knows you are 'sniffing around'. Yeah - start thinking about that for those who do not want the left hand to know what the right hand does all day. On a metaphysical level, you get away with nothing on this planet. Get that straight in your mind's eye. The controlling software from afar is incomprehensible.

Internet technology has allowed the entire world to fit into the homes of everyone simultaneously. This accelerates ones learning curve dramatically and that is a good thing to be a part of the collective.

* * * * * * *

This Second Edition concentrates on the purpose of your 'financial freedom' through natural law and planetary mathematics along with the potential Victory over the Beast through the Annihilation of Opposites discussed in enough detail.

Financial freedom and control is slowly but surely proving to be a main function of our evolutionary process and the catalyst in how the >>>

creator(s) of the human race shapes your character, as a unique individual inside the collective

This discovered information comes from absolute hard core proof of natural law, planetary functions, and the quality of information from one of the finest and most talented 'financial astronomers' in the industry.

A display of my discoveries through intense research is top shelf information. You need to have the Ebook in your library to accelerate your learning curve about how your 'freedom to move' on the face of this earth is in direct proportion to the rotational speed of planet earth set in time during the first 4 days of deliberate creation.

$10.00 takes you 10 feet - $25 dollars takes your 25 feet

astronomic pricing structures move people up and down

people DO NOT move pricing structures up and down

unless it is a 'CONSCIOUS' covert move from 'CONSCIOUS' corruption
and that strand of corrupt consciousness starts from the top down
not from the bottom up


pricing structures control lives
big business and small business

You all must grasp this concept of prices moving people up and down. The understanding alone is worth a fortune.

As an individual, you are a part of a collective group called the human race. This series will demonstrate through our financial markets how the collective group moves as one single entity. There is no such aspect as separation between us, as separation is an illusion in the opinion of the writer here. The financial markets prove that.

Information in the Ebook presented for the public to enjoy in their home environment, as a natural learning curve.

Here are the main headline topics. Read from the top to bottom then left to right >>>

Financial astronomy demonstrated here through the money markets, gives this unchallenged 'track record' with a $15.00 Texas Instrument scientific calculator, and my set of planetary tables, listed and unlisted.

The Ebook series priority interest is with anybody over the age of 13.

The main centers of interest would be for those who are directly involved with the money markets, through trading, speculation, fund management, or investing. On the other hand, it is in one's daily responsibility employed within the money markets.

This Ebook series is vital for you in understanding the invisible links between pre-determined pricing structure movement and your pre-determined personality character make-up harmonizing with specific pricing structure movement. This is in conjunction with the stunning sophisticated creative forces governing both.

There is an unnecessary, embarrassing, and unacceptable low success rate with those who attempt to speculate / trade 'financial futures', especially in the fast lane. You will understand quite clearly, why the low success rate is so high. For starters, it is a situation of being in the wrong market, at the wrong time. In addition, you must remember you cannot open a financial market time or price window when those windows are closed, for you.

People have chart patterns too. How does a stock / futures broker measure that for you, as their client? They cannot, because they do not know how!

why you win and why you lose financially - not your fault - really
and the facts to prove the point

What parallels the main center of attention is with our scientific community where information on planetary activity and mass consciousness is undeniable.

Financial astronomy has the last laugh here, as this science is now a proven fact. A science that can measure, track, follow, and delineate what governs and controls the psychological profile of the collective thought process.

Planetary software developers have been at a disadvantage, as there has been significant data missing from planetary tables. One can only be as accurate, as the data made available. These tables are not trans-neptunian, for God's sake. Get that straight in your minds eye! A reflective 64-sided crystal is harmonically deceiving.

From my observation, what is not visible to the naked eye may have been deliberately omitted from historical planetary data, perhaps during the religious driven destruction of the Alexandria library. Since there are many planetary, points and locations in our spatial environment there are many aspects to think about with these missing parts for those who develop planetary software? These missing parts are not mid-points between planetary bodies.

Archeologists will find quite eye opening revelations. This group has spent countless hours and megabucks looking for physical evidence of beings from a higher intellectual order through pyramid studies. The invisible is hard to see.

Continued interest would be for those referred to as the mom and dad. Being exposed to share market transactions in lieu of the knowledge passed on through internet technologies has educated the mass populous over the last few years to the most important controlling aspect of your life. The governing and controlling forces of the pre-determined 'value system' and how it - in turn >>>

the very reason why you are alive

More awareness of who is controlling human physical and spiritual development confirmes through specific money market transactions. This means that more understanding of the binding forces of the material world is an absolute. More awareness of this controlling factor means that we are quickening the move up the >>>

'spiral of evolution'

where the result promises


To have victory, your awareness behind the scenes accelerates. Once awareness accelerates, knowing what is stored in your unconscious layers of thought is revealed. It is like when you take a step towards the soul; the soul then must take a step towards you. That is the deal, apparently, of what I have concluded over the last 35 years in quite deep research into financial astronomy and its related subjects.

Especially when you realize that you can see through this Ebook with your very own eyes the stunning and well planned structural outlines of >>>

of YOU

in the making

Introducing you to the all-important fundamental source and its stunning conception of >>>


How your financial freedom is constructed on both the physical and metaphysical levels. The remaining Ebooks to complete the series will educate you to all aspects of specific money movement through the science of financial astronomy.

Most of our waking hours consume in the eco-nomic arena somewhere throughout the course of the day. The information demonstrated here offers more understanding in how our lives are controlled through numbers and degrees.


From a scientific view, you will be educated in how non-physical laws construct physical reality on and off the financial playing field. Universal principles and natural law apply to a lot more than just financial transactions.

It is the financial data CHARTING PROCESS that shows us how the human race is tracked, and followed off the earth plane. This is taking place in its most beautiful way, for all good intentions.

Let us just hope the human race is not the pawn in this game of chance - controlled by the 'Sons of God', as a player from a distance.

Regardless of your interests, you will not find most of this content information of knowledge being taught anywhere in the world, as a necessary part of everyday life, financially, scientifically, or otherwise.



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